totalwonkerr gone??!

[oh yeah, i've just decided that in addition to computers, this blog will talk about nuclear weapons, because they're just as interesting, and I hope to do national lab work at some point]

So I'm in g-reader and notice new TotalWonKerr posts -- hurrah! time to catch up on the world of strategic weapons after finals! oh, hurrah, a phatty new OTA report on SLV's -- and follow through to http://totalwonkerr.com...

This weblog has been taken offline by request. 4/24/2009.

wtf? from the g-cache:
Paul Kerr used to work for the Arms Control Association. Josh Pollack is a consultant specializing in arms control, proliferation, and deterrence issues.
By far my second-favorite nucarms blog, after the inimitable ArmsControlWonk. Lots of good references to original sources, placed handily on his page (as opposed to government links, which so regularly get pulled offline). Where are you, Paul?

In any case, I've downloaded and archived -- so far, at least, as I know -- all the files he's linked. I'll put them up, once I verify he didn't get into trouble or something.

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