mother of god

Holy crap, blogger sucks like three bitches in a bitch boat! No threaded comments? What is this, the time of Charlemange? I tried to respond to Leon twice (the missing context, btw, was LU decomposition for solving matrix problems), and both posts were dispatched into the ether. So, we might soon take flight to a more reasonable format.


  1. Heh. Wordpress seems all the craze these days; but neither am I particularly satisfied with it, and if you decide to go down that route, I suggest that you go the wordpress.org and your own hosting route, not the wordpress.com route. Their business model is dishonest and totally whack.

    As far as hosting is concerned, I like NearlyFreeSpeech.net, they have a scrupulously honest business model, but beware; they don't offer the option to upgrade to SSL. Had I known this before signing up, I probably wouldn't have. On the other hand I can get back most of the money I have left in my account should I decide I really need SSL.

    And what does LU decomposition have to do with PLD and formal methods? Isn't recognizing an LU decomposition fairly trivial? I'll admit I'm not an expert with LU decomposition, though I have a friend who is, who uses recursion to create a cache-oblivious algorithm that's optimal for every cache size at every level and needs no tuning...

  2. recognizing it certainly is -- we're talking about recognizing such problems as generally as possible.

    what your buddy does, though, is totally germane to (and may well shift, augh!) my upcoming MS thesis. could you possibly put me into contact with him?